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You CAN take credit cards with no cost or penalty to you!!

  • May 11 2022

Small Business?Very Small Business?You CAN take credit cards with no cost or penalty to you!!
Many of us mature women start businesses past the age of 60. In fact several successful businesses that made it to Wall Street were started by women past the age of 60.
Regardless of how big the company got she started small. So your small business whether it’s jewelry or crafting or reselling or even a bigger endeavor can only grow if you have a constant influx of the lifeblood of business and that is money. How do you streamline your ability to increase the flow into your bank account?
And how do you do it without incurring 3% 7% or 10% in merchant fees being charged back to you just for accepting a credit card or a debit card.

When it seems like the whole country is using their plastic more than cash in order to grow accepting credit cards and debit cards is more important than ever. 
So how do you do that without a big rigmarole with your bank and fees and penalties?
When I started GODDESS Magazine TV Those were all my questions…I met Dipankar Dashupta, CEO of DSSR High Risk Credit Card Processing on LinkedIn.His professional credentials are impressive and he has a very long client list. Mr Dasgupta taught me about how some banks and financial institutions consider small businesses, online businesses and other relatively insignificant businesses, high risk businesses for credit card processing.And indeed they are high risk. 
So you need to get a credit card processor that understands your business and is not going to freak out because you’re into the Cannabis industry, the online gaming industry, the hotel industry and other relatively innocuous businesses that again are considered risky for financial institutions.

I have watched many cannabis businesses and cannabis ancillary businesses get shut down by their Banks or credit card processors simply for the industry that they’re in and the financial institution not understanding it’s ebb and flow of either legality or profitability.
Since Goddess Magazine TV is a ancillary business to the Cannabis industry I thought it was important to protect any profitability that will grow from my tiny acorn of a company.
So I’m telling you this because if you have a small business of any type and you want some protection to keep your business going in a relatively uncertain world; I would like to recommend DSSR High Risk Credit Card Processing.
Email Dipankar. He’s great information, great advice and he’s got a credit card processing technology that small enough to fit in your handbag.
Even if you just want to learn about what businesses are CONSIDERED high risk by financial institutions, how credit card processing works and how you can take credit and debit cards with no penalty or fee to you; definitely email Dipankar Dasgupta at DSSR@gmail.com

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