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ReCollection of Self

ReCollection of self begins when you reassemble all the pieces of you that slivered away when you thought you had failed.

ReCollection of you is the reassembly of these pieces the regaining of yourself and the reinvigoration of you as a whole.

In your young life and throughout your life and especially as you move into your life as a mother and a mature woman, one reflects back and sees the disconnections and injuries that occurred either from bad decisions or bad associations.

It is these fragmentations of self that whittle down the core of the individual to a weak spot that causes that individual spiritual body to bow to bow in submission to the loss of self.

It is only when one pulls together and reassembles, recollects if you will, all the fragments of themselves, through forgiveness and love of those incidents and that person of the moment that you were, that allow one to become whole again.

It is through a process of forgiveness and deep love and understanding that one reflects on these incidents in their lives and allows the Holy Spirit to come in and smooth the edges and reassemble the pieces.

For as we said you can only come to heaven when you have reassembled the fragmented pieces of yourself. And everything you see in your experience, everyone you see in your experience, every experience you have in your experience is a fragmented piece of yourself.


  • The lost and lonely fragments.
  • The abused and neglected fragments.
  • The young very young and old fragments.

The fragments that were created when you thought you had failed, when you thought you had lost, when you thought you were abandoned, all of those pieces must be recognized loved acknowledged and brought back home.

Simply through the act of remembering and surrounding that person, who is you, with love and forgiveness and understanding, an apology is made the fragment comes home.

It is only through love and understanding that ReCollection of Self can occur.

It is only through love and understanding that all the pieces adhere to the core and it is only through love and understanding that the pieces miraculously reassemble into the continuous whole.

Do not carry the burdens of unhappy instances in your life; instead love them, forgive them, understand whatever the break was caused by could only have been caused by the intention to separate and reassemble again.

  • This is that reassembly.
  • Call on us your Angels.
  • Call on your higher self.
  • Call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help and for compassionate understanding.

For as we say it takes all of you to come home and by that we mean all of you- as an individual.

Reach out to those pieces of you that were lost in addiction, lost in abandonment and lost in perceived failure.

Reach out to them, wrap your arms around them and bring them home.

It is through ReCollection of Self that we will all return home.

In truth and Beauty.

In light in restoration of the Holy self that we may one day all be part of the Holy all that is.