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My story- GODDESS Model Michele Nazak

  • May 18 2022

How I Healed Myself of Stage 3 Cancer
It was August 4, 2018, the day that changed my life. I was having lunch with a girlfriend on a nice Saturday afternoon, the very first bite I took I of my lunch I bite my tongue, bad. As the day progressed so did the pain.
 For several days I took ibuprofen and did salt water rinses often. 
A week later I seemed to be in the same amount of pain so Monday I contacted my doctors office and they gave me really strong antibiotics. 
Another week passed and still no difference. 
I tried investigating the inside of my mouth, first I saw nothing. 
I then got a flashlight but swollen tongue was in the way. Next I grabbed a spoon, I pushed my tongue to the side and there it was. I was horrified by what I saw. I dropped everything and ran to my phone and I did a Google search. There it was a picture matching what I just saw past the bite mark on my tongue. I have cancer. OMG I have cancer!Everything after that happened very quickly. October 4th I was operated on and the cancerous area was removed. Hooray, I thought this is over. During my previous appointments I was told Stage II, it will be removed and all will be fine. Now at my post operation appointment the news is not the same.
 By removal time it had entered into the very beginning of Stage III, I am told the stages represent the size of the tumor.
 The margins around the tumor were all great, except one spot. I cry my eyes out as I am told I will need radiation and chemo therapy. This was not what I went into this believing would happening .I was devastated.By November 5th, I started my radiation therapy and within several days did my first chemo treatment. All was going very well. 
I felt pretty good and I wasn’t experiencing all the side effects I was prepped for handling. 
That was until the week of December 3, I had recieved my 2nd chemo treatment the week prior, my appetite was on a rapid decline as was my energy level.
 That week as I did my radiation pinned to a very hard table something was off, the machine had a pattern it followed, it was different. My neck was on fire.
 I reported this daily only to hear “everything is fine” . By Thursday and Friday I was leaving there with gel burn packs on my neck. Saturday morning I woke and all my hair was in my face when I went to pull it back it was stuck to my neck and off came skin!I refused my treatment Monday and at a later appointment was told to go to the ER.I spent 12 days in that hospital severely burned, unable to consume any food. I lived on yogurt and Ensures. I never returned to complete the radiation or the last chemo treatment. 
Some how my mom got me on a plane home to her house. It was January 23rd when I first actually ate some solid food for the first time since early December. I ended up losing 30 lbs. I lost 50% of my hair and my neck was scarred severely.  I went from looking 10 years younger than my actual age to looking 10 years older than my age in the course of six months. 
I hated everything and everyone but mostly myself. I was more depressed than I ever had been. I wished I was dead, and I meant it!  I returned to my home up north and was traveling back and forth for aftercare and scans to be sure it was gone and eventually relocated with my family.
 I started gaining weight slowly, I was making a few friends and Covid hit. 
I would sit on my bed and look up to the heavens and say ‘Really, you let me survive for this? Really, why couldn’t I just died??’ My depression was at an all time low.That’s when what I call a miracle occurred. Covid numbers were declining and restricts where lifted.
 I was at a friend’s and I met a woman who asked me why wasn’t I a model. 
I was like look at me all scarred and wrinkled are you crazy. I missed my opportunity decade’s ago, when a gentleman handed me a business card and told me to call him Monday, he is going to make me a model. I laughed and threw the card away. 
So here is this woman I just meet having me a piece of paper telling me call her, Kate Mullen, don’t lose this number.
 This one I kept and I procrastinated for a few days and finally made the call.  
We talked and she explained what her goals and direction for the magazine were. Suddenly I started to feel slightly more alive. We met, I went on shoots, it was new, it was refreshing but most of all I felt alive again. I regained my confidence and self esteem. I was part of something new and positive. My depression was subsiding. 
The only regret I had in life was as years passed is I often wondered how would have my life been if I hadn’t thrown away that business card at 19 years old. 
I have been so fortunate to find out now.
 I went from living in limbo to a busy life and I strongly feel Goddess Magazine TV played a substantial roll in the new and improved me.
Love to you All!

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