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Human trafficking is real by Kathryn Osckar

  • Feb 7 2022

Let me tell you a true story

I was living alone and could not sleep one night. It was very early morning. At the time I did some refinishing of furniture. Then I would set it in my shop and sell it. I went out to see if I could find some end tables or something to Repurpose. 

 Driving I saw a girl walking unsteadily barefoot in the snow, wearing nothing but a hospital gown.  I pulled over and she awkwardly got into my car. As soon as she was inside for men surrounded my car from a car that pulled up behind mine quickly. The men were trying to force open the doors yelling in a language that sounded like Farsi. 2 were trying to force the passenger door open at the top with a wedge shaped device. While one man stood in front of me slapping the hood of my car yelling at me. The other was on the phone standing at my drivers door trying to force open the door.

 Instinctively I knew he was calling for reinforcements. I pulled my gun out of the glove box.

Pointing it up words but showing all of the men. I revved up  the cars engine holding my foot on the clutch, and stuffed it in second gear. I pointed the gun at the man in front tapping on the window to get his attention and motioned for him to  “MOVE!” I screamed at him. Still revving the car. They weren’t far from getting that door open and I knew it. He moved toward the right side. I turned the wheel to the left and launched the car to life. I took off like a bat out of hell and second gear flying through 3 rd gears before I hit the end of the road. I must’ve turned off 40 mile an hour left hand turn.  I knew the area fairly well and took some back roads till I knew that I was not being followed. I drove straight to the police station. I tried to get the girls name she couldn’t say anything. I could tell she had been drugged. 

Her eyes were a naturally dilated. Very sensitive to light. I only sound she made was of being cold…. EEEMMMMMMM…… EMMMMMMMM. 

 I gave her a coat that I had on the backseat and walked her into the police station. I didn’t have anything to put on her feet. They are they asked me her name I said: Jane Doe.  They said don’t call her that that’s what they call the dead ones. They said I must give her a name for the report. I gave one. I could not take her to hospital they would go there first. I asked that they guard her, and take her out of the area to get her medical treatment. Time passed and she came to see me. She was doing well but has never remembered who she was the day before I found her or any day of her life before that. She was 19+ yrs old. And remembers nothing of childhood or anything. She has a good life now. 

The story is more hers, than it is mine. Do not ask me who she is I will not tell you. She has the right to be anonymous. Sometimes we cannot wait for the police to do their job. Had I called Police and waited, rather than just getting her into my car. She would’ve been captured again by those men. The moral of the story here is to be guided by your gut. We all have intuition use it. You might save a life. Human trafficking is real.

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