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Dancing Bear Season Opens

These two and MORE GREAT Looking SwimSUITS from MIRACLESUIT!

It’s nearly resort season and time for the beach!
Since Size USA’s recent release stating that American’s body size has gotten
heavier and taller over the last several years it leaves 53 million US women wondering, “Where am I ever going to find a swim suit that fits!”?
“It’s what I call Dancing Bear Season. The yearly ritual that many women all over the world dread- the shop for an attractive, good fitting swimsuit.”
Kathryn Mullen, Publisher of the web ‘zine GODDESSmagazine.TV comments
“I call it that because a few years ago I was shopping for a swimsuit to wear in Cancun.
I wanted something with coverage and control-but was kind of sexy. Most all of the suits my size, when I could find them, had no bust shaping and no tummy control; but they did have a little skirt around the hips.
I left the Mall-laughing and crying at the same time- crying because I felt fat and laughing because I thought my swimsuit options all made me look like a Dancing Bear!”
“As a swim wear model I know first hand how big the differences can be between swimsuit manufacturers goods- suit to suit. The problem is not with our bodies-but that swimwear manufacturers and designers have only recently begun producing realistically fitting, attractive swimwear for their largest customer base: full figured women”.
The challenge is enough to try the nerves of even the bravest woman with the
strongest self-esteem. Fortunately here’s how to find the
perfect swimsuit in one pleasant trip!

“Buying a new swimsuit can really be a pleasure, if you know how to do it.
A good swimsuit that you will love, wear and look good in will cost between $100.00 and $180.00. That sounds like a lot of money but if you consider how you’ll look in a quality suit, how confident you’ll feel wearing it and that as long as it fits you, you won’t have to replace a quality swimsuit for up to 3 years! That makes buying a high quality $100. suit equivalent to buying one $30.00 ill-fitting, unflattering swimsuit a year.”
“Understand that swimwear is a big seasonal business for department stores. They WANT you to have a good experience buying their goods. Often times a fine stores swimwear department is happy to accommodate a group of 4 or 5 friends shopping together. Ask to speak to the department Manager, make an appointment and organize a shopping party! But be sure you all wear close to the same size and be ready to buy some fabulous swim outfits!”
Here are a few tricks to full figure swimwear seekers:

1) Call Ahead to your preferred stores and ask the swimsuit department if they carry swimsuits in your size. “You’d be surprised how many swimwear specialty stores DON’T carry bra top suits over a size 36C or women’s sizes!” Ask the sales girl if they have an ample selection in your size or just a few suits. Also, ask about how many manufacturers of women’s size suits they carry- many manufacturers mean a better selection of suits. And swimsuits vary in dimension manufacturer to manufacturer.

2) Ask the sales girl to pull an assortment of styles of swim wear in your size and the next size up. Different makers swimsuits fit differently; some are cut skimpy, some full so don’t think about the size- think about the fit. Ask her to select
two-pieces, one pieces, tankini, sport suits and the like- that way she does all the looking and you do all the shopping! A good sales girl will be happy to accommodate you! Secret: sales gals make commission!
3) Get the biggest fitting room you can. Fitting room sizes vary. When you’re full figured in a skinny world the fitting rooms size can add to or help eliminate your swimsuit quest frustration. “Remember, they once called us Queen Size- that means we can have a fitting room the size of a palace! So when possible, request a sizable room.
4) Go swimsuit shopping when you feel lean. Finding a suit when you feel fluffy can bring even a strong woman to tears! Go when you’re feeling your leanest:
in the morning, after exercise or before your monthly cycle
5) Don’t go swimsuit shopping during peak shopping times- go early Sunday, when it’s raining or on a week day- that way you have the biggest selection
and the least hassle.
6) Find a swimsuit that has an inner suit. Turn the suit inside out. High quality women’s swimwear is made so it enhances/controls your body- the suit can only do that if the construction and design durability is there on the inside.
7) If possible, go with a girl friend that is near or your size and on the same mission. “A female friend that wears your size or near your size can help you keep perspective or will laugh with you when you feel like a
Dancing Bear in a skirt.”
8) To balance out an ample bust and narrow hips- find a suit that has a ruffle bottom (NOT a skirt) or a sport short. To balance out an ample bottom and small bust- look for an under wire or padded bra top or a top with a little ruffle across the front. To flatten your tummy–select a one-piece suit with good tummy taming features inside the suit or a tank top suit with a control panel boy short. There is also swimwear that will minimize a full bosom or lift your fanny. “Now there are even attractive, figure flattering suits that either accommodate or have breast prosthesis built in”

“Finding the right swimsuit can be fun and easy if you know how! And when you find the perfect swimwear ensemble, tell everyone where you bought it!

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