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ACTUAL Sustainable Fashion

  • Jun3 2023

Miranda Bennett Designs actually come from the dirt soil and plants from the Texas Hill country!While the silk fabrics may be outsourced the dyes come from the marigolds of the fields and other natural sources within the rolling pastures of […]

Magic Cannabis Butter!

  • Jun3 2023

It’s a perfect replacement for butter in cookie and brownie recipes! Any place that you’d use melted butter. However you do not want to heat the mixture too hot if you’re cooking on the stove or you’ll kill the terpenes. […]

Waiting for the Green

  • Jun3 2023

Article by Barbara Vasquez Leaford designs prom dresses, wedding gowns and personal attire for men and women.Some of his favorite fabrics are denims and fabrics with bright Jamaican colors.Leaford Collections has done over 30 fashion shows in his career so […]

MiracleSuit Swimwear

  • Jun3 2023

Miracle SuitLose 10 lbs in 10 seconds!We love miracle suit here at GMTV!We want to promote it to all mature women because it is such a fantastic swimsuit!It is like a foundation garment in swimwear but instead of being uncomfortable-it’s […]

Dr Roberts De Luca PhD JD

  • Jun3 2023

CBD Alcohol Cocktails Are Safe & Trendy by Dr. Roberta DeLuca, 2022If you’re following health trends, you’re probably aware that CBD offers a tonof positive effects on the body. CBD and alcohol are pretty safe when takentogether and can even […]

Meet GODDESS Model Vanessa!

At 51 yo She’s the Baby of the Bunch!

All it took was the siren song of a classified ad to find the beauty that IS Vanessa!

RED as we call her on the set, Vanessa is actually a Grandmother!

Vanessa is vivacious and funny always available to help out someone in need!

Vee loves to travel and has been on a soul sojourn across this Great Country!

Goddess Body Mind Spirit Fashion Beauty Health fashion

According to futurists Faith Popcorn, Christiane Northrup and the United States statistical abstract, mature women between the ages of 50 and 70 are the recipients of the largest wealth transfer in American history. More than 7.5 trillion dollars will transfer […]

Could YOU be the Next GODDESS Cover Model?

At GODDESS Magazine TV, we are always looking for new models ! All Shapes, Sizes and Ethnicities

At GMTV we DON’T do celebrity worship! Nope

Actually we are looking for all shapes, sizes and ethnicities of women who are


We are seeking everyday women who want to experience a transformation and upgrade in their look and style,