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ECCENTRICITIES…what make Mature Fashion fun!Iris Apfil is a legend in mature fashion and accessories. While GODDESS model Jain is not a legend, yet!… she certainly looks legendary in this funky collection of colors and textures that emphasize random patterns and bright […]

Spring Picnic

Kara opened the show in this beautiful outfit made from plastic and paper tablecloths. This perky outfit is called Spring Picnic. The red checkered picnic tablecloth dress is made from a paper tablecloth it is boat neck and sleeveless. Her cute green […]

Enchanted Evening

Michelle is lovely in this outfit called Enchanted Evening. The black toule is rescued from a 50 lb box of fabric scraps we got from a local thrift store and the black tool is attached to a black foundation garment, worn […]

Curtain Dress

Lisa is lovely in this ensemble made from window treatments. The lovely floral strapless dress is fitted to Lisa’s exact size and made from curtain fabric. Her silk dupioni sash is the drape from above the window and her twisted silk tassel […]

Inspired by the Hunger Games,!

Inspired by the Hunger Games,!This beautiful flowing cloak is made from beige tool scraps from the 50 lb box of fabric scraps and the bottom of a laundry basket. It’s decorated with oversized silk bejeweled butterflies. Jain’s height and beautiful […]

Aubrey and Andrew

Aubrey and Andrew, Sales Managers at HEMP3D.com joined the fun as last minute models in the upcycle fashion show!Aubrey is wearing a Xerxes look from the 300 in her one shoulder dress made from t-shirts covered in silver contact paper. The […]

Wears the look redneck hippie with pride!

Wears the look redneck hippie with pride! Her t-shirt is made from a printing shop misprint rescued t-shirt. I embellished it with glitter and trim. Her jeans are covered in patches doll faces old flags and dishrag images.The fun part […]

Susan is lovely!!

Disco Redux is the look Susan is wearing! I re-styled this size 20 1990s mesh sleeved cocktail dress into a flirty size 12 party dress! Black toule loosely lines the neckline and ends in fluffy black toule bows .The Fringe […]


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