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  • Sep 14 2022


Every year we do a Second Wedding upload focusing on unique and unusual Bridal looks and venues! Last year we did a farm to fork wedding! We featured a wedding look and venue at a rural Gerber Daisy farm! And we did a fun Renaissance Festival look complete with an fur lined golden breast plate and silk dubioni train!
So THIS YEAR–We had a bunch of wedding dresses and thought how much better they would look if we cut them up and recreated them into something else.
So that’s exactly what happened!
GODDESS MAGAZINE TV was blessed to work with videographer Michelangelo Gomez at San Antonio video productions to produce our beautiful video!
What was created was certainly fun and unique!A pearl and rhinestone strapped corset top with a satin bouffant multi layered skirt.
A funky silver off-the-shoulder mini skirt served up with a silver veil and knee high stiletto boots!
A conservative halter top and pencil skirt set with a black microfiber belt and vintage petticoat short train!
A glittering sequin mini skirt paired with shiny silver booties, knot top and a black and white Moray wrap.
A turquoise mini skirt with a split panel skirt dress worn with go-go boots! And my personal favorite white leggings and booties with a winter white knit top and a certainly curious Waist Tie Panel Train!!
So watch the video too! It’s the behind the scenes and some pictures from the Bridal Bowling League shoot!
Then be sure to come back to watch the actual Bridal Bowling League video and see the beautiful editorial pictures from it!!
Want to be part of the fun?Email me!!

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