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Bonsai at Jade Garden in Wimberley Texas

  • Jul 22 2022

About a year ago I bought a $35 juniper bonsai tree from a Mexican guy off the side of the road.
This guy has sold bonsai trees at this location in Oak Hill as long as I can remember coming through Austin.
Don’t beat up pickup truck on the side of the road that has display boards in the bed and I bought a bonsai tree.

I’m usually pretty good about keeping things alive and I placed this one in my kitchen window that has the most direct sun as he instructed I watered it whenever it was dry because it’s a tree.

Flash Forward a year and a half later in the tree is still alive! It’s gotten a little bit bushy and kind of losing its identity as a bonsai tree.

So I made an appointment and visited Chuck down at Jade Garden bonsai Garden and nursery in Wimberley Texas!

The beautiful bonsai trees I saw were nourished and nurtured and crafted by Chuck over the last 30 some odd years.

Bonsai pronounced bone sigh is the art of crafting age and beauty into trees. Well they may look like miniatures of 100-year-old trees in reality they are crafted skillfully into trees that seem to tell their own story.

I love bonsai because I truly love big old trees. And to see what Chuck has created is truly amazing! So take a walk with me through Jade Garden in Wimberley Texas and check out these amazing trees that look like they’re huge and hundreds of years old but in fact are actually less than 3 ft high…

Bonsai trees are full sized trees trimmed and compacted into a small pot that prevents their root expansion.
Everything about the tree miniaturizes. The trunk bark changes to a smaller version even the tree leaves become miniaturized versions of the original leaf.

If you’re ever looking for some place to go to fields in and look at some really beautiful natural art find yourself a bonsai nursery and garden!

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