Cannabis Friendly Fashion Beauty Lifestyle For Mature Women

About Us

Goddess Magazine TV is cannabis-friendly fashion beauty and lifestyle for mature women.

The digital magazine is reader and viewer driven: publishing readers that desire to be writers and giving exposure to creative readers and viewers that wish to share their designs or creations with the world.

No celebrity worship here. No unattainable aspirational images of highly photo shopped models.

Only Goddess Magazine TV seeks out average women: by way of referrals from family and friends, for a life-changing makeover, fashion editorial shoot and help her to focus on what would enrich her life and set her on the path to an exciting future.

GODDESS magazine TV travels the country doing pop up events, fashion shows and Model castings that promote advertiser brands using local production professionals, make up Artists and Photographers.

The Goddess Magazine TV program is a Behind the Scenes glimpse of what goes into production a fashion magazine, unscripted Fashion Beauty Lifestyle reality show with Kathryn Mullen as the host/narrator and a diverse cast of core models that are also brand influencers.