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A Layperson’s Guide To God

  • Sep 14 2022

A Layperson’s Guide To God,
The True Origin of Life And
The True Purpose for Your Existence on this Planet

(Sacred lessons of how to operate in an unknown universe.)

As dictated to
Kathryn Mullen


Hi! I’m Kathryn Mullen
I know that means nothing to you.
Actually, for a while it meant very little to me
After 25 years in the fashion business trying hard to tell everyone that the
demographic had changed I was making an impression on no one.
Eight years ago, for lack of enough income, I had been evicted from my
house of 6 years for too many late pays on my rent.
One day when I was modeling at a dept store a designer was impressed with
my sales skills and offered me a job in her 7th Ave atelier. I had been offered
a job in NYC, Mecca for anyone in the fashion business.
As a Texan I found I was not cut out for NYC; that I much preferred to be in
wide-open spaces. I decided to leave my dream job on 7th Ave and return to
nothing but the few items that were in storage.
I was in a spot with nowhere to go.
A friend said he had a mobile home I could stay in until I found a home of
my own and could get on my feet and make some money.
That lasted a short time until the mobile home sold.
I still could not find enough work. After all, there is not much call for a full
figure fashion model, writer and fashion photographer in a rural East Texas
town of 80,000. Even as a waitress I didn’t make enough money.
A friend that lived in a nearby small town then accommodated my 3 dogs
and I in a cheap hotel room. After much searching my friend and I found a
home to share until he found a home to buy.
By then my little truck had stopped working and I was effectively car-less 14
miles from the closest gas, ice or cigarettes.
I would sit on the porch swing in the morning and talk to Laurie, my best
friend on the phone. One day I said “the only way I can see moving into my
own home is if someone gave me a car and leased me a house with no rent
and no deposit.”
A few days later a friend gave me a 5 year-old car that needed some work. A
local mechanic fixed it for the cost of a free meal and I had wheels!
After about 9 months my friend Don bought his dream home.

A month before Don moved I just happened to come across a small house on
300 ac.
Long story short, the landlord was an exceptional man that understood my
situation. Because of his kindness I was able to rent it with no deposit or rent
the first month. Clearly a miracle.
Still, I was on my own, again, struggling to make a living, alone 95% of the
time in the middle of nowhere.
After my friend Don moved I would sit on my porch swing and cry!
I would curse the universe and wonder in tears to my friend Laurie
“Whyyyyyyy does God hate me” to which she would reply, “nothing
happens by accident. Every thing happens for a reason. There is a reason you
are out there.” Laurie is very smart.
So instead of burning up cell phone minutes I began to journal my thoughts
much as I had done off and on throughout my earlier years.
My pleas would become questions.
Then my questions began to get answers until I began writing quickly and
easily what clearly seemed to be from someone else.
But I didn’t get it.
I would get the most astounding stuff from what seemed to be my higher
self, or a group of people that knew me or at least loved me.
But no matter, I didn’t get it.
I wrote volume after volume of advice, information, comforting stories,
evaluations or advice; calming nurturing words that I didn’t often hear out
on 300 acres alone.
I didn’t get it.
Then a man I never met in person (had only telephone conversations with)
hired me to do a television production job. He concluded one day in a
production conversation that it would be easier and less expensive to have
me in Dallas than in rural East Texas. He said that he would help me move
back to Dallas, paid my deposit and negotiated the deal that I could move in
to a small house that had a yard big enough for my now 5 dogs. Clearly a

I didn’t get it.
I was struggling to get established and pay my bills but by God I was back in
I somehow found work- hard work but it paid well for part time- which was
more than I could earn as a waitress full time. And at nearly 50 years old
there was no way I was going to be a waitress again since I had been fired
from most of my previous waitress jobs.
So anyway, everything is expensive: gas, groceries, and utilities. Life sucks
I have nothing. I worry about freakin’ everything, so I begin to write again
in my journal. And once again there is that same small clear voice that
answers my questions.
I think, “OK I may be crazy but then again I may not be.”
Whatever it is that is talking to me via my pen is loving, supportive and
always on target. All ways.
So, I think, let’s go with it and see where it leads.
A month later: I was broke (big surprise) late on my rent (big surprise), my
best friend Laurie’s husband had suddenly died (HUGE surprise) and she
moved away.
Again, I’m alone with no friends in the area.
I continue to write through my despair.
The small clear voice that wrote through me assigned me a job.
The product is in your hands.
This book is just as the flow of consciousness came to me.
The original handwritten manuscript was written without rewrites, edits,
mistakes or additions. I transcribed the words exactly as they were written
on paper, exactly as they flowed to me from my pen.
Whatever or wherever this information came from (and I know for sure it’s
origins-without question) it has changed my life.
We put it forth in love in hopes that it will change yours.

Kathryn Mullen

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